A small scale power plant would be approximately 5,280+ feet in height with a generating capacity of approximately 4 gigawatts,with an initial capital outlay of $2,500,000,000+ (US)*. Assuming that a given plant is producing 4 gigawatts (4,000 megawatts) of constant base load dispatch-able power,and the electricity produced is being sold for 12¢ per kilowatt hour (national average retail price), the annual income would be approximately $4,204,800,000 (US). Since the anticipated initial capital investment required to build a small scale power plant is approximately $2,500,000,000 (US) the cost of initial investment could be recovered in the first full year of operation.

As a rule, a development cycle based on a 4 shroud unit is the anticipated approach that will be used in developing WINDWALKER power plants. Whether or not they will remain a small scale power plant or ultimately be developed into full scale or mega scale power plant (100 units) will be predicated solely on the immediate and ultimate future determinate needs.

*The plus portion of the anticipated capital cost of a power plant would be predicated upon what is developed inside the power plant facility.

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