Positive Environmental Impact

The WINDWALKER Electrical Energy System derives its energy from the wind, and does not produce pollutants such as acid rain which is a by-product of coal, oil, and natural gas fired power plants. It also serves as an alternative to hydro and nuclear power, and their inherent liabilities.

The WINDWALKER System's utilization of wind, a benign and replensih-able source of power, has no polluting emissions, no global warming green-house gases, and no contaminating residue such as those produced by burning fossil fuel or nuclear power. Furthermore, the absence of the necessity for WINDWALKER to burn fuel to produce energy eliminates a great deal of expense that would otherwise have to be considered in the overall cost of producing electricity.

The WINDWALKER System will create large quantities of environmentally sustainable energy; ranging from several hundred to several thousand megawatts of firm and dispatch-able base load power.

The WINDWALKER System's unique design allows the air passing through the electrical field to carry with it a by-product known as ozone (0 to 5% of a given volume of air depending on the type of generating equipment used). Because of the proximity in height in relation to the upper atmosphere where the air carrying the ozone would exit (above 1 mile high) the potential exists for a replenishment of the ozone presently being depleted.

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