A full scale (24 units) power plant's capital investment cost, would be approximately $6,750,000,000+ (US)*. With a power output of 24 GW (24 million kilowatt hours) and a 12¢ per kwh return for the electricity supplied, the anticipated annual income would be approximately $25,228,000,000 (US). At this rate it is anticipated that the recovery of the initial capital investment for the power plant, would be recovered in the plant’s first full year of operation.

The approximate dimensions of a full scale power plant with (24 units) would encompass a base diameter of 2,000 feet, a circumference of over 1 mile, with an overall height of 5,280+ feet (1 mile) comprising 24 shrouds; with beginning production capacity of 24,000 megawatts; enough power for approximately 24 million people. If a decision were made to finish the interior, of what in essence would be a completely enclosed facility with approximately 25,000,000 square feet of interior space, there would be ample room for a sports stadium and an indoor theme park on the ground floor. Upper levels of the facility could be used to house a World Trade Center, apartment complex, hospital, hotel, shopping center, restaurants, etc. creating a virtual city under one roof in which hundreds of thousands of people would interact daily in a facility creating its own power supply, and selling the excess power (approx. 90%) to another consumer.

A full scale power plant with (48 units) would be double the capacity (48 gigawatts) with approximately twice the production and initial capital cost of $ 13,.500,000,000 (US).

The anticipated time required to develop a power plant would range from 3+ years, for a small scale power plant, to as long as 10 years for a full scale power plant. It would be predicated on numerous factors such as size, logistics, licensing, financial requirements, etc. Each power plant's development would be unique in its own right.


Single Unit - 5,000 New jobs created
Small Scale (4 units) - 20,000 New jobs created

Full Scale (24 units) - 120,000 New jobs created

Mega Scale (100 units) - 500,000 New jobs created

** Please Note**

These numbers do not reflect the thousands of job opportunities created in constructing the power plants, nor the support staff that will be required for the businesses that potentially will be housed "inside" the facilities once completed.

* The plus portion of the anticipated capital cost of a power plant would be predicated solely upon what is developed inside the power plant facility.

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