It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to WINDWALKER, and familiarize you with a totally new approach in harnessing wind power. This concept and project, like others that have come along every few millennia, and have forever changed the world as we know it, will revolutionize the industry of electrical energy production.

Although the concept of harnessing wind power isn't new, the paradigm shift herein lies in WINDWALKER's unique approach and application. It is truly "thinking outside the box"!

Therefore, without further ado, I would like to invite you to take a walk with me through the following pages and read what some of the world's leading experts have to say about WINDWALKER. The following quotes were taken verbatim from what was said by them and recorded on film. I trust that you will understand, as they do, that WINDWALKER is the way of the future.

W. S.Blackfox I

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