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Quotes and Graphs from The International Energy Agency (I.E.A.)

In summary the world's premier agency that tracks and reports on progress in the environmental sphere stated in their latest report:

"Stark messages emerge: progress has not been fast enough; large market failures are preventing clean energy solutions from being taken up; considerable energy efficiency potential remains untapped; policies need to better address the energy system as a whole; and energy-related research, development and demonstration need to accelerate. The report also introduces a new IEA index, tracking the carbon intensity of energy supply since 1970, that shows no recent improvement and underscores the need for more concerted effort." And this in light of the fact that the nations have already spent trillions of dollars in order to realize otherwise.

"The IEA Energy Sector Carbon Intensity Index (ESCII) tracks how many tonnes of CO2 are emitted for each unit of energy supplied. It shows that the global aggregate impact of all changes in supply technologies since 1970 has been minimal. Responses to the oil shocks of the 1970s made the energy supply 6% cleaner from 1971 to 1990. Since 1990, however the ESCII has remained essentially static, changing less than 1%, despite the important climate policy commitments at the 1992 Rio Conference and under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol as well as the boom in renewable technologies over the last decade."

Figure 1.1

"ETP 2012 Scenarios: The 6 degree C Scenario (6DS) is largely an extension of current trends. By 2050, energy use almost doubles (compared with 2009) and greenhouse gas emissions rise even more, The average global temperature rise is projected to be at least 6 degree C in the long term." Which will be catastrophic to the costal lands.

Figure 1. 2

Table 4. 1


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