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The WINDWALKER Electrical Energy System, is a shrouded system vertically inclined. Air flows into the system at its base and is accelerated. The kinetic energy produced is then extracted by means of an electrical generation system. It is the most commercially viable and environmentally sustainable system ever developed.

WINDWALKER has a number of advantages when compared to fossil-fuel facilities. It provides a hedge against increases in fuel prices, and related costs such as carbon or fuel taxes, and decreases in fuel availability. In addition, wind power is a domestic energy resource that, for many countries, reduces the burden of hard currency expenditures for imported fossil fuels. A WINDWALKER facility can be built in small scale increments having relatively short construction cycles, resulting in less risk of an inappropriately sized facility, and lower or no regulatory risks.

The WINDWALKER System and design incorporates proven scientific principles of fluid dynamics known and utilized for centuries. These include the Bernoulli Effect, the Venturi Effect, the WINDWALKER Acceleration Methods, as well as other factors which together constitute a quantum leap in the quest to extract maximum efficiency from wind driven energy systems.

“Obviously there is considerably more power that can be extracted from the wind. The ability to control the pitch of the blade, and the ability to control the airflow by shrouding the system has many advantages certainly over an open system. So the power producing capability is phenomenal with the WINDWALKER system.” – Dr. Robert Oetting / Professor Emeritus – Aeronautical Engineering

The WINDWALKER system of fluid dynamics requires a paradigm shift in thinking and approach to harnessing and utilizing the power inherent in the wind. Just as those who used the power of a flowing river to turn water wheels for thousands of years had to change their thinking with the advent of the dam, and its ability to concentrate and accelerate the flow of water and thereby increase power output, so we must now change our thinking in relation to utilizing the power of wind.

WINDWALKER's ability to produce large amounts of power frees it from bottom line constraints which have inhibited others in their development of wind driven electrical energy systems.

The WINDWALKER System's uniqueness from others is WINDWALKER’s inherent ability to accelerate the speed of the wind. The energy available in a wind stream being proportional to the cube of its speed means, in layman’s terms, that by doubling the mean wind speed there is eight times as much available power. The WINDWALKER System can double the speed of the wind many times over; thereby, increasing the power output exponentially.

The WINDWALKER System carefully contains the velocity of air flow to create a continuous base load source of electrical power which would be available 24 hours a day rather than the variable supplemental wind power produced from current technologies such as windmills which rely on seasonal wind patterns. With WINDWALKER’s ability to accelerate any given mean wind speed day or night we have, for the fist time in history, harnessed the power to control the wind and produce constant base load and dispatch-able power 24 hours a day, every day, anywhere in the world.

The WINDWALKER System’s unique design allows the air passing through the electrical field to carry with it a by product known as ozone (0 to 5% of a given volume of air depending on the type of generating equipment used). Because of the proximity in height in relation to the upper atmosphere where the air carrying the ozone would exit (above 1 mile high) the potential exists for a unique and very positive impact on our environment.

The advent of the WINDWALKER System, at this juncture and time in history, places it in a unique and crucial position in addressing the growing concern over the accelerated use of fossil fuel powered generating plants; not only due to the depletion of these resources, but also their inherent adverse impact on the environment. There are currently laws being enacted that will ultimately be enforced throughout the world which will compel the Industry to switch to renewable energy based systems. After all is said and done the ones left standing will be those whose modus operandi is based on a benign, environmentally friendly resource – Wind!

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