The Company

The overall plan is to develop WINDWALKER power plants throughout the world and capture as much of the estimated 10 Trillion dollar market need that, at present will not be met by any other entity.

Although we are in the patents pending process, the Company will not only rely on patents to protect its share of the market for wind power, but also on its expertise, continuing enhancement of its existing technology, and research and development to maintain its market position.

The WINDWALKER Corporation maintaining the highest standards ethically and morally foresees a partnership relationship among all of its associates; with everyone participating in the overall ownership and development of the company,

The Company believes it has a responsibility to the world community. It shall, therefore, continue to do all that is within its power to reflect positive change socially, economically, environmentally, and spiritually. It will endeavor to do so through The Children's Foundation and has committed 10% of all of its proceeds for this purpose.

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